Daily Dakar: Stage 6

There is only one way to adequately start this edition of the Daily Dakar, and that is to pay tribute to the three lives lost during the rally yesterday. First, fifty year old Belgian rider Eric Palante, a veteran of 11 Dakars, who was declared dead yesterday morning. And second, Agustin Mina and Daniel Ambrosiao of… »1/11/14 10:00am1/11/14 10:00am

Daily Dakar 2014: Preview

It's January 3 and that can only mean two things. 1: millions of people have already broken their New Year's resolutions, and 2: the Dakar Rally is about to begin. For those unfamiliar with the event, the Dakar Rally is the single largest and longest motor race in the world. This year's edition will have over 430… »1/03/14 10:00am1/03/14 10:00am

After 250 km of rallying, 1.5 seconds separate the top 3

If you can imagine a special stage 250 kilometers long, with rain and dirt and mud, narrow roads, wide roads, hairpins, fast sweeping corners, and then imagine only 1.5 seconds separating the top three WRC crews, you'll realize how awesome this competition really is. Sure, WRC does not work like that anymore… »10/05/13 4:03pm10/05/13 4:03pm

Co-Driving Blip: New England Forest Rally

After the Empire State Performance Rally I became caretaker of Nutsy, the TAG Rally Sport Subaru. For the past week I've been getting it ready as Rory and I will be running it at the New England Forest Rally, to be held in Newry, Maine July 26-27. This is the team's "home event" and easily one of our favorites, it… »7/19/13 1:44pm7/19/13 1:44pm