Looking at the photo I'm starting to think that's his rallycross/gymkhana car, which actually isn't street legal (the stage rally car of course is). Note the absence of license plate and the police escort. » 4/23/14 8:59pm Yesterday 8:59pm

CCIARAT Bonus Game: Name Those Cars

I asked EL_ULY to make my hometown of Springfield, MA yesterday's random ass town because a) with all the city's used car lots and "interesting" vehicle choices you can usually find something good (or at least unique), but mostly because b) I knew about this automotive gold mine and wanted to see if anyone would find it… » 4/22/14 3:18pm Tuesday 3:18pm

Rally Onboards: Seb Ogier at WRC Rally de Portugal

Three corners. That's how long it takes to realize this will be an absolutely mad ride, and the rest of the stage certainly lives up to the introduction. This is Sebastien Ogier on the final stage of Vodafone Rally de Portugal. Ogier did what he does best in this stage, winning it by about three seconds and the rally… » 4/22/14 1:31pm Tuesday 1:31pm